Lisgar is essentially the western part of the bigger community of Meadowvale. It resides to the North of the newer Churchill Meadows, but shares a lot in common with the area. The homes are slightly older in Lisgar than Churchill Meadows, which makes them more affordable than their neighbour to the south. Tucked away in the northwest corner of Mississauga, Lisgar is a good place for first-time home buyers with young families to settle in. For those with bigger or expanding families that are looking for that first detached home, take a long look at Lisgar as there are lots of affordable options. As a bonus, for those that work in Toronto, Lisgar boasts easy access to its local GO Station.

In terms of the school zone, Lisgar has performed adequately. The elementary schools fall into the average of Mississauga along with the middle and high schools. Nothing particularly stands out about the school zone, so if affordability is your biggest deterrent, you can feel comfortable in the Lisgar neighbourhood. 

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